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Sage 100 ERP: How To Create a Custom Lookup In Sage 100 ERP

Image 267-614-6148 Almost all data entry screens in Sage 100 ERP contain a lookup. For example, Customer Maintenance contains a lookup for the customer number. If you press the lookup icon (magnifying glass), you are able to view a listing of all your customers. The standard lookup contains the customer number, customer name, zip code and phone number.  You can customize this lookup panel meet your needs. You can change the fields that are displayed, and you can even add calculated data fields to the lookup. By customizing the displayed data, you can create “mini” reports to give you information almost instantly.  You can also export your customized lookup list to Excel.  How To Video Here Steps to customize a look up:  1. Open the task that contains the lookup you wish to customize. Click on the magnifying glass icon for the lookup. This will bring up the standard lookup.  2. Press the custom button. The lookup customization wizard will be displayed. 3. Ente