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Sage 100 Tips and Tricks: How to enable and setup ACH in Sage 100

Image 215-654-0800 How to enable and setup ACH in Sage 100 Enable ACH in AP Options Click the ACH tab, and select the Enable ACH Electronic Payments check box. For more information, see Accounts Payable Options - Fields. Use the remaining fields to define options for electronic payments. Make sure the necessary users have access to the payments folder you choose. Click Accept. Set Up Your Bank for ACH Payments   Obtain your banks' requirements for how ACH files must be structured. Many banks accept the default selections in ACH Interface Maintenance, but some require you to manually modify the settings. Select Accounts Payable Setup Menu > ACH Interface Maintenance. Select the bank code to set up. On the Main tab, enter the information about your bank account. Select the Pre-Note Approved check box only after the bank has approved your pre-note submission. Click the Records and Additional tabs to select options that determine how the ACH file is