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Sage 100: Sage Cloud Portal Tips and Tricks

Image 215-654-0800 To access the Sage 100 Cloud Portal, use the following address: There you will be promoted to enter the username and password you used to sign up for the Sage Cloud. Once logged in you will have access to standard published apps, as well as any custom apps for your system. ·          Sage 100 – Launches just Sage 100. ·          Data Drive – A windows explorer giving you access to the Sage 100 folders. ·          Virtual Machine Access – Launches a complete remote desktop, giving you access to Sage 100, data drives, and any other programs installed on your cloud. If you are using Microsoft Edge to access the portal you will have the option to chose Windows Mode, or Browser mode for your apps. If you use other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox then Browser mode will be the only available option. ·          Browser Mode - any app you launch will be opened inside a webpage. ·          Windows Mode

Sage 100: Custom Shipment Tracking Button

Image 215-654-0800 As you may have recently noticed the standard tracking button in Sage 100 is no longer working. It was recently announced that UPS discontinued the iShip service at the end of 2022. LLB has created a replacement button so users can still easily get updated tracking information on shipments. With this custom button you have the option to chose which website you are tracking your packages through, such as: UPS FedEx Google Contact LLB today for more info! 215-654-0800

Sage 100 ERP Customization: Send Custom Emails To Vendors or Customers with the Click of a Button

Image 215-654-0800 Communication between your company and your Customers/Vendors is constant. Often times you are asking the same questions or relaying the same information over and over again.  What is the status of this purchase order?  When can we expect payment?  Here are the tracking numbers for your shipment. Searching your system for this information, compiling it, then composing an email takes time away from more productive work! With a simple button added to a Sage 100 screen you can automate the compiling and composing of these emails and let Sage send the email for you!  It should be noted that emails like this could be set on an automated schedule as well, rather than the click of a button. To demonstrate lets take the following scenario: You want to be able to quickly and easily ask your vendor for an update on open purchase orders you have with them. A button added to the Vendor screen allows you to trigger an email to be sent to the vendor, au