Sage 100 ERP Customization: Send Custom Emails To Vendors or Customers with the Click of a Button

Communication between your company and your Customers/Vendors is constant. Often times you are asking the same questions or relaying the same information over and over again. 
  • What is the status of this purchase order? 
  • When can we expect payment? 
  • Here are the tracking numbers for your shipment.
Searching your system for this information, compiling it, then composing an email takes time away from more productive work! With a simple button added to a Sage 100 screen you can automate the compiling and composing of these emails and let Sage send the email for you! 

It should be noted that emails like this could be set on an automated schedule as well, rather than the click of a button.

To demonstrate lets take the following scenario: You want to be able to quickly and easily ask your vendor for an update on open purchase orders you have with them.

A button added to the Vendor screen allows you to trigger an email to be sent to the vendor, automatically sending an email requesting an update for all of your open PO's complete with a PDF attachment showing the PO's in question. 

When you click the button it 'date stamps' the vendor, telling the system to send them an email, but also providing visibility to you the last time you sent them an email. 


Vendor Screen

Example Email

Email Attachment
This same concept could be implemented in a number of different ways for both customers and vendors, such as shipping confirmations, open invoice statements, and more!

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