Enhancement: Automatically Create Cash Receipt for Sales Order Deposit


Enhancement: Automatically Create Cash Receipt for Sales Order Deposit

Sage 100 out-of-the-box requires a cash receipt to be manually entered when a deposit is recorded in a Sales Order. This customization automates this process, creating a new deposit in cash receipts for a GL distribution against the customer deposit account listed in S/O Options.

When a deposit amount is entered, the user is prompted asking if a cash receipt should be created.

If they click yes, a deposit is created in the batch SODEP (if enabled). Each sales order deposit goes into its own AR Cash Receipt Batch. The batch information is brought back to the sales order. If the sales order has a deposit number associated with it already then, the user will not be prompted to create a cash receipt if the deposit information on the sales order is changed.

Note: Any changes to the sales order deposit will need to be manually changed to the cash receipt deposit. For example, if the amount is changed in sales order, then the amount needs to be manually changed. If the deposit is removed on the sales order, then the cash receipt deposit needs to be manually deleted.


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