What's New in Sage 100 Version 2024?



What's New in Sage 100 Version 2024

Sage 100 version 2024.0 offers over 20 new features and enhancements to support our active customers. This document provides an overview of a few exciting features.

Benefits of Sage 100 Release 2024.0

Advanced Capabilities and Flexibility

  • Comprehensive compliance–elevated data protection and thorough audit trails.
  • Enhanced user experience–navigate Sage 100 more intuitively.
  • Improved efficiency–streamlined workflows and new automation features.
  • Extended flexibility–tailor to fit your unique business requirements.

Inventory Management

Delete Warehouse and Change Warehouse Utilities–Easily manage virtual storage spaces, eliminate obsolete warehouses, and modify existing ones to adapt to changing business needs.

Item Description Suppression–Improve workflow efficiency with an option to suppress extended item descriptions in grids, reducing distractions during data entry.

Production Management

Activity Code Maintenance–Improves user efficiency and navigation within the Production Management module by offering a more streamlined and focused lookup experience.

Cost Roll-up Register–Enables more accurate cost calculations in Production Management, providing users with greater flexibility and control over cost analysis and management.

Audit Tracking

Customer, Vendor, Item, and Employee Audit Trail–Track and print detailed audit trails for enhanced security compliance, providing comprehensive monitoring of changes to critical data.

Audit Reports

Print when Entity is in Use–Uninterrupted access to audit reports, improving workflow efficiency and allowing for seamless reporting even during active data maintenance.

Purchase Order Quick Close of Partially Received Purchase Orders–Simplified closure of partially received purchase orders during receipt of goods entry, providing greater flexibility and clarity in order management.

Received Status for Orders Received but not Invoiced–Introduces a “Received” status for purchase orders, enhancing visibility and enabling better reporting of order status.

Accounts Payable

Vendor 1099 Form Fields–Simplifies vendor management and compliance by allowing tracking of W-9 forms and encrypted retention of taxpayer IDs or social security numbers.

Sales Order

Reset Sales Order and Picking Sheet Print Flags for Back Order– Automates print flag resets for backorders, saving time and improving workflow efficiency during sales journal updates.

Display Ordered Quantity in Red–Enhances visibility and alerts users when sales order quantities surpass inventory thresholds, facilitating better inventory management and preventing overordering.

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